[1] Brief Fiqh Reminders – Salaah Is Not Accepted Without Purification

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

“Allaah does not accept the Salaah , except with ablution”.

The author began with this hadeeth to give notification regarding the status of purification in relation to Salaah- that it is a condition and Salaah is not accepted except when ablution is fulfilled. So, this mighty Salaah – which is an  act of worship in which one stands in the presence of Allaah – requires purification of the body, clothing and the place of prayer. Without purification, Salaah is not accepted, regardless whether a person forgot to be in a state of purification, did so deliberately, out of forgetfulness or out of ignorance; however the ignorant person and the one who forgot are not guilty of sin, but their prayer – due to lack of purification – is not sound. If a person remembers after forgetting that he was not in a state of purification, then he must repeat his prayer, but he is not sinful. As for the one who deliberately abandoned purification, his Salaah is not accepted and he has also committed a sin.

Amongst the benefits of this hadeeth is that ablution is not obligated on a person for every Salaah, because the statement, “Allaah does not accept the Salaah except with purification” is related to prayer, therefore as long as purification is present then prayer is accepted, whether two prayers or more. [An Excerpt from explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam by Shaikh Abdur Razzaaq Al-Badr (may Allaah preserve him). Lesson 2]



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