The Conditions of The Shahaadah | Rayaan Barker

Explanation of ash-Shaykh al’Allamah Ubayd ibn Abdillah al-Jaabiree (Hafithahullah)

Read by Rayaan Barker (Graduate of Madinah University)

Lesson 1

The Statement of Laa illaha illah – is the Key to Paradise.

The Shahaadah is the foundation of al-Islaam, it is the first Pillar of islaam

Abdullah ibn Umar said:

“Islaam is built upon five things, The testification to Laa ilaa ha ilal Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah…”

So the virtue of the Shahaadah is indeed great and lofty, it enters people into islaam

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

“The best statement that I and all of the other Prophets have said is the testification of Laa ilaha illalah, to him belongs the dominion, to Him belongs all praise…”

The Prophet sent Mu’aadh ibn jabal to Yemen and instructed him to call the People of the Book to firstly Laa ilaha ilallah and is from the first of affairs in Islaam, it is the first matter a person calls to when giving Da’wah

The Prophet likewise instructed the dying folk to say Laa ilaa ha ilallah

It is from the highest part of Eemaan. Eemaan increases and decreases as Ahlus Sunnah believe

The Prophet said:

“Eeman has 70 odd branches and from the highest part of it is Laa ilaaha illalah”

It was said to Wahb ibn Munnabih:

Isn’t Laa ilaaha illalah the key to jannah? He said:

“Indeed it is, however every key has teeth, so if you come with the key with the correct teeth then the door will open for you however if you do not have the correct key the door wil not open for you”

Thus if you come on the Day of Judgement with the Shahaadah fulfilling all of it’s conditions then you will be successful Inshaa’Allah. The Shahaadah needs to be actualised throughout one’s life and for it to not merely be a statement upon one’s tongue

Lesson 2

In this lesson, Ustadh Rayaan hafidhahullaah discusses the second condition of the Shahaadah which is al Yaqeen.

-It is to have certainty about it’s meaning, to have complete knowledge about the Shahaadah which brings certainty and opposes doubt.

-Eemaan does not benefit an individual without certainty. An individual cannot have Conjecture, assumptions or presumptions about the Shahaadah.

-Allah subhaanahu wa Ta’aalah says in the Qur’aan in surah Al Hujuraat ayah 15:

“Indeed the believers are those that have believed in Allah and his Messenger and they do not have doubt..”

-If doubt clings to the foundation of Eemaan it opposes it. Thus certainty needs to be absolute.

Lesson 3

This audio starts with the condition of al-Ikhlaas (Sincerity) and also covers the condition of as-Sidq (Truthfulness). It is imperative for a Muslim to have sincerity so that all actions are performed sincerely for Allah’s sake alone and to negate all forms of Shirk.

Truthfulness is likewise important to ensure that a Muslims’s Testimony of Faith is actualized based upon him/her being true to it and acting upon all that it entails.

Lesson 4

In this lesson Ustaadh Rayaan discusses the fifth condition of the Shahaadah, al-Mahabah (Love), and the importance of a Muslim upholding this condition. It is imperative for one to love the Shahaadah and all that it commands and likewise it is important to hate all that it negates i.e. Shirk in all it’s forms.

Lesson 5

In this lesson, the last two conditions of the Shahaadah are discussed; al-Inqiyaad (Submission) and al-Qabool (Acceptance). Submission is regarding the outwardly actions just as an individual testifying to the Shahaadah and acting upon it and what it entails. Acceptance is related to the action of the heart and the Scholars have explained it in this manner.



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