KHUTBA: Lead By Virtuous Actions This Ramadhaan – Rayaan Barker

A highly beneficial khutba in which Ustaadh Rayaan discusses the importance of striving to perform virtuous actions throughout Ramadhaan including recitation of the Qur’aan, giving Sadaqah, contemplating over the Qur’aan, perfecting our manners and more. It is upon us to to leave Ramadhaan in a better state than we entered it.

KHUTBA: The Blessing of Ramadhaan And How To Receive It | Rayaan Barker

A tremendous khutba in which Ustaadh Rayaan reminds us of the importance of preparing for this great month that awaits us. The virtues of Ramadhaan are discussed including reasons as to why we need to take benefit from it whilst Allah has blessed us with the opportunity and ability to do so. Make this Ramadhaan a Ramadhaan of Taqwa, Istighfaar, ‘Ibaadah and a Ramadhaan of change. A must listen in preperation for Ramadhaan!

KHUTBA: The Beginning Of The Revelation | Rayaan Barker

A beautiful khutba in which Ustaadh Rayaan reminds us of the characteristics of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (Sallalaahu ‘alaihi wa salam) and describes how the Revelation initially occurred. Events including the meeting with Jibraa’eel in the Cave of Hira, how the revelation used to descend, the effects of revelation upon the Messenger  are discussed as well as the great station of the Qur’aan. A must listen!

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