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Rulings Pertaining to Ramadhaan

📣 ANNOUNCEMENT 📗 LECTURE: Rulings pertaining to Ramadhaan 👤 Ustaadh Rayaan Barker (حفظه الله) 📅 Friday 17th March ⏱6:30pm inshāAllāh 🕌 @MasjidHurairah 👥 All Welcome 📡 Broadcast live on:

A Guide to Sound Creed – Authored by Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan | Rayaan Barker

Ramadhān Reminders 1439

A series of highly beneficial short lectures delivered at Masjid al-Furqan, Stoke, after the night prayer during Ramadhān 1439H/2018. Lectures by Ustaadh Rayaan Barker. 15 minute nightly classes after Terawih at approximately 12:30pm UK time. Broadcast LIVE on Reminder number 14 sees Ustaadh begin a very beneficial series of lectures on the Principles of the […]

Explanation of the 6 Events from the Seerah of the Prophet | Rayaan Barker

The Four Fundamental Principles | Rayaan Barker

| Masjid Al Furqan | ,
In this series, Ustaadh Rayaan goes through the treatise The Four Principles written by Shaykh ul Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab. They relate to Tawhid and Shirk. Tawhid refers to the fact that there is none who has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, and that is the purpose behind the creation of […]

BRAND NEW SERIES: 4 Week Ramadhaan Course | Rayaan Barker

BRAND NEW 4 WEEK RAMADHAAN COURSE Taught by Rayaan Barker (Graduate of Madinah University) Utilising the works of ash-Shaykh al-‘Allamah Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (Rahimahullah) Starting Saturday 6th May and every Saturday thereafter for four weeks 7:00pm LIVE IN THE MASJID Will also be broadcast on Inshaa’Allah Get yourself prepared this Ramadhaan! Topics to […]

The Conditions of The Shahaadah | Rayaan Barker

Explanation of ash-Shaykh al’Allamah Ubayd ibn Abdillah al-Jaabiree (Hafithahullah) Read by Rayaan Barker (Graduate of Madinah University) Lesson 1 The Statement of Laa illaha illah – is the Key to Paradise. The Shahaadah is the foundation of al-Islaam, it is the first Pillar of islaam Abdullah ibn Umar said: “Islaam is built upon five things, […]

Jumu’ah Khutub ( Friday Sermons ) To Be Broadcast Live Weekly From Masjid al-Furqan

Jumu’ah Khutub ( Friday Sermons ) now broadcasting live from Masjid al Furqan Starting from March 17th 2017 Inshaa’Allah Khutub by Graduate from Madinah University Tune into Channel 1 every week approx 12:45pm to listen in Inform the womenfolk of the household to benefit from this excellent opportunity

Qur’aan Lessons For Brothers

Qur’aan Lessons For Brothers Starting week commencing 20/03/17 Learn how to recite the Book of Allah correctly All levels welcome including beginners Spread the word


ONE DAY CONFERENCE! “Worship Allah Upon Knowledge” Topics to include: The 32 Benefits of La ilaaha illallaah By Abdulillah Lahmami The Three Principles of Worship By Uways Taweel Starts at 2pm Inshaa’Allah Brothers and Sisters all welcome Broadcast live  on