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UPDATE! Only £13,258 to go to buy out Masjid al Furqan! #Donation UPDATE – Read Here:

***Latest update***

Last Monday we needed £24000,00 – this was the remainder of the Masjid debt to make the masjid freehold. We received the following donations this week:

Tuesday – £1340.00
Wed / Thur – £1200.00
Fri – £5122.00
Sat – £3080.00

Total Raised within 5 days: £10,742.00

Amount Remaining: £13258.00

Brothers and Sisters please continue to increase in your good deeds during the final few hours of Ramadhaan. You can donate by handing in cash at the masjid or via BACs Transfer

Masjid Al-Furqan
0321 734 8
Lloyds TSB


1124664 UK Reg charity number.


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