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Supplicate for our Muslim Rulers and do not Supplicate against them!

Abu Uthmaan Saeed  Bin Ismaa’eel [rahimahullaa (1)] said:  ”Advice the Muslim ruler (in private) and make a lot of supplication for him to be righteous and rightly guided in speech, action and judgement. Indeed, if they (rulers) are righteous, the slaves of Allaah will be righteous by way of them (i.e. through their ruler ship).  Beware of supplicating against them by way cursing and thus they increase in evil and (cause) calamity upon the muslims. Rather supplicate for them to be granted the ability to repent, so that they abandon evil and calamity is removed from the Muslims.


[1] [He was admonisher; a man who sufficed with little from the worldly pleasures and

was one of the narrators of the hadeeth ”’The religion is Naseehah. (Shu’ab Al-Imaan 6/26)]