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Humility, Taqwaah and Ease in the Gatherings, and Benefiting the People – By Imaam Sadi

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

When you sit with the people, then [sincerely] make humility the sign by way of which you are recognised; fear of Allaah as your shield and giving advice to the servants of Allaah as your abiding way.

Be eager to bring about good in every gathering – either [through] research in affairs of knowledge or advice on religious matters; either directing [others] towards a general or a specific useful affair; either making a mention of the blessings of Allaah or mentioning the superior status of praiseworthy manners and good etiquettes, or warning against that which is detrimental to the well-being of one’s religious or worldly (affairs).  The least of that [i.e. the good you should bring in every sitting] is to advise the people to seek the income from their occupations by way of the permissible [means] and through what is forbidden. You should behave well towards the young, the elders and your peers.  Deal with each of them in a way they deserve and have respect for the one that deserves to be respected and honoured.

Be eager to make your sitting easy by way of speech that is appropriate and good, even if that was in relation to the worldly (affairs).  That is because when [permissible speech] and [permissible gathering] becomes fruitful, sitting together will be easy, conversation is made easy and the heart feels tranquil, and all of that is attributed to praiseworthiness.

The sensible person achieves abundant good from the gatherings of the people and he becomes more beloved to them than [others]; because he approaches them with [matters] they approve and statements they desire.  And the foundation of all of that is success in taking over control of all the affairs placed before them.

These affairs become more emphasised during a journey [i.e. when people accompany one another on a journey]; because during a journey sitting together is prolonged and the travellers are in need of having someone who revives their hearts with good statements, the news of events, sense of humour-if all of that is truth and not too much. Good etiquettes makes [its possessor] more pleasurable to the people than the pleasure derived from a cold drink, and its influence bears heavier upon their souls than hard stones. And Allaah (Alone) is the One Who grants success.

Source:  Noorul Basaair Wal al-baab fee ahkaam al -Ibaadaat Wal Mu’aamalaat Wal Huqooq Wal Aadaab-  Imaam Abdur Rahmaan As Sa’dee (rahimahullaah)   Page 64-65

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