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[7] Fataawaa Regarding Women: Does this break the Wudhoo of a woman?


There is a woman, who when she performs Ruku and Sujood-especially at the end of the Sujood, the sitting between the two Sujoods and the sitting for the Tashahhud- air is released from her private part (i.e. the vagina) to the extent that those close to her do hear it; so is her prayer nullified? And sometimes little air is released and no one hears it, so is her Salaah and Wudhoo nullified?


The release of air from the front private part (i.e. the vagina) does not nullify Wudhoo. [Fataawaa lajnah Ad-Daa’imah 5/259]


Masjid Al-Furqaan Admin

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