Our Salaf- Shubah’s [rahimahullaah] Mercy Towards The Poor, Needy and Destitute

Abu Daawood At-Tayaalisee [rahimahullaah] said, ”Once we were with Shu’bah, so Sulaymaan Ibnul Mugheerah [rahimahullaah] came along whilst weeping. Shu’bah [rahimahullaah] said to him, ‘What makes you weep O father of Sa’eed?!’ He said, ‘My donkey died; I missed the Jumu’ah prayer and my needs.’ He (Shu’bah) said, ‘How much did you buy it for?’ He said, ‘Three Dinaars.’ He (Shu’bah) said, ‘I have three Deenaars; by Allaah I do not have other than it. O boy! Bring that scrap of cloth” and in it was three deenaars, so he gave it to him (i.e. Sulaymaan) and said, ‘Buy a donkey and do not weep.’ ”

ibaadah, Salaf, softening the hearts