A Cheap Shot of The Slanderers Against Saudi Arabia

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Shaikh Ali bin Yahya bin Ali Al ‘Amiree Al Hadadi (may Allaah preserve him) stated: 

Indeed, from the behaviour [ways] of the people of falsehood is that they attribute themselves or their innovations to the Book or the Sunnah, or to some of the companions [of Muhammad], or to the virtuous [scholars] of the Ummah, until the people are deceived and follow their bidah and misguidance. So, when the vileness of the bidah and the ugliness of its proponents becomes manifest, the enemies of Islaam and the Sunnah strive to spread rumours- [claiming that] that the group [of callers to falsehood] are adherents [to what Islaam preaches], or that that group are followers of the Sunnah. The intent behind this [false claim of the enemies] is to distort Islaam’s good image and the [authentic] Sunnah, to obstruct the spread of pure Islaam, which is free from Bidah and newly invented affairs [in creed, worship, corrupt dealings and deeds etc].

For example, when the ugly ways of Daa’ish [i.e. so called Islamic State] appeared in the east and the west, which is founded upon oppression, transgression, shedding bloodshed without right, Takfeer without right, forcing the people out of their homes, destroying the lands, making preparations to fragment the Islamic nations and the Arab lands -in particular- by causing chaos within them, weakening them with trials from within and other than that [i.e. other troubles], whose evil and repugnance is not hidden, many enemies of the kingdom of [Saudi Arabia] and [the enemies] of the Dawah of the Imaam-The Reviver- Muhammad Bin Abdil Wahhaab [rahimahullaah] claimed that Daa’ish are an extension [or part] of the Dawah of Muhammad Bin Abdil Wahhaab and the Aqeedah of Ibn Taymiyyah [rahimahullaah]. This [claim of the enemies] is a lie, a fabrication and slander, which is neither supported by proof nor evidence.

Saudi Arabia was among the first Islamic nations-from the beginning- to free itself from Daa’ish, Jabhatun Nusrah, Hizbula and other terrorist organizations through a well-known clarification.  Also, Daa’ish neither gives its loyalty to Saudi nor do they love Saudi, rather they have not ceased disseminating audios in which they excommunicate the rulers of Saudi and the scholars, and declaring that it is lawful to shed their blood. Thereafter, they targeted some of the mosques and places- causing explosions and suicide attacks as it is well known. Therefore, how can a sensible person believe this cheap slander [i.e. that Daa’ish is an extension or part of Saudi’s views or creed]?!

[Source: An excerpt from a khutbah of Shaikh Ali Al-Haddaadi dated 27/11/2015]


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