Pay your Zakaatul Fitr, Fidyah, Zakaatul Maal and Sadaqah now

All Zakātul Fitr will be used to purchase staple foods which will be distributed to the poor and needy in Yemen prior to the Eid Salah inshā’Allāh in line with the sunnah via trustworthy and known sources.

Zakātul Fitr – £3 for each family member

Deadline for Zakātul Fitr is 12pm 13th June 2018

Pay in person at:

Masjid al-Furqan
105 Roundwell Street
Stoke On Trent

Pay online by BACS:

Masjid al-Furqan
Account No.: 03217348
Sort Code.: 30-9-83
Bank.: Lloyds

Please ensure that you reference all payments accordingly i.e. Zakātul Fitr, Fidyah etc