Khutbah: Ramadhaan Has Not Ended Yet

Allaah has favoured us and blessed us that we have reached the half way point of Ramadhaan.

For those who strive and have been striving since the beginning of Ramadhaan, continue to strive for indeed the promise of Allaah is Haqq. Stay upon that firmness till the end of Ramadhaan. Increase in good and righteous deeds for Ramadhaan has not ended yet.

For those who have been a bit lazy with the righteousness and the actions of obedience they could have done, likewise know that Ramadhaan has not ended yet. There is still time for you to rectify that which you need to rectify between you and your Lord.

Pay your Zakaatul Fitr, Fidyah, Zakaatul Maal and Sadaqah now

All Zakātul Fitr will be used to purchase staple foods which will be distributed to the poor and needy in Yemen prior to the Eid Salah inshā’Allāh in line with the sunnah via trustworthy and known sources.

Zakātul Fitr – £3 for each family member

Deadline for Zakātul Fitr is 12pm 13th June 2018

Pay in person at:

Masjid al-Furqan
105 Roundwell Street
Stoke On Trent

Pay online by BACS:

Masjid al-Furqan
Account No.: 03217348
Sort Code.: 30-9-83
Bank.: Lloyds

Please ensure that you reference all payments accordingly i.e. Zakātul Fitr, Fidyah etc

Ramadhān Reminders 1439

A series of highly beneficial short lectures delivered at Masjid al-Furqan, Stoke, after the night prayer during Ramadhān 1439H/2018. Lectures by Ustaadh Rayaan Barker.

15 minute nightly classes after Terawih at approximately 12:30pm UK time.

Broadcast LIVE on

Reminder number 14 sees Ustaadh begin a very beneficial series of lectures on the Principles of the Purification of the Soul. Not to be missed!

For reminder number 18 Ustaadh takes from a reminder by Sheikh Saalih ibn Al Uthaymeen regarding the virtues of the last 10 days of Ramadhaan.

19: The virtues of Laylatul Qadr.

20: Rulings and related issues regarding Zakaatul Fitr.

21: A continuation of the lectures regarding the Principles of the Purification of the Soul.

23: Sealing off our actions in the best possible way.


Ramadhān 2018

The Month of Ramadhān will commence on Thursday insh’Allāh and the first Tarāweeh prayer will take place tomorrow after Salātul Ishā’ (10.55pm) inshā’Allāh.

We ask Allāh, the Most High to allows us all to benefit from this Blessed Month and that He, the Most Merciful forgives us for our shortcomings. Āmeen.

Khutba: Ihsaan

Ustaadh Rayaan gives a tremendous Khutba regarding the highest level of Islaam. Ihsaan! Ustaadh touches upon the Hadith of Jibril and talks about this 3rd, highest level of Islaam.

Acquiring the level of Ihsaan requires exerting oneself and remaining patient upon that exertion.

Ihsaan is precision. A quality of being excellent and being proficient in performing the deeds. We should all aim for this level to gain that special closeness to Allaah. That greater reward and love from Allaah.