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Our Salaf: A Thief Entered Malik Bin Dinaar’s House!

From Maalik bin Dinaar, that a thief entered upon him but did not find anything to steal, whereby Malik called out to him: ‘You won’t find any worldly thing to take, however, do you desire something for the Hereafter?’ The Thief answered: ‘Yes.’ Malik said: ‘Make Wudu and pray two Rakah.’  So he did likewise, then Malik sat for a while and went out to the Masjid and the thief went with him. Malik was asked: ‘Who is this?’ He said: ‘He came to steal from us but we ended up stealing him.’ [Siyar ‘A’laam 4/190]


We’ve seen the Arabic text of this story, but the translator has not identified himself.  Still waiting!

Salaf, zuhd