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Shared Traits between the Khawaarij of old and the Jihaadi Terrorists of Today!

Ali (radiyallaahu-anhu) said about the Khawaarij:

Ali (radiyallaahu-anhu) said about the Khawaarij:

They are neither Qurraa (i.e. reciters of the Qur’aan who follow it as it should be followed) nor are they a people of astute understanding in the religion. Neither are they scholars in the (science) of explanation of the Qur’aan nor are they worthy of this affair (with regards to what has already) taken place in Islaam.  By Allaah! If they were to be placed in charge over your affairs, they would (perpetrate) the deeds of Khosrau (i.e. Chosroes) and Heracles amongst you. [تاريخ الطبري – 3/1117] [Source:  ]




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