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May Allaah reward our brother Abu Tasneem (Mushaf) for encouraging our youth

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaah;

Firstly: We praise and thank Allaah for granting us the opportunity to be in the company of one another for the sake of His Religion.

Secondly: We thank our brother Ustaadh Abu Tasneem (Mushaf) for starting the Arabic Lesson today. It was beautiful to see the motivation and concern he gave to the young brothers (under the age of sixteen) during the lesson.

Thirdly: Those brothers who find it difficult to read the Qur’aan will also be offered Qaa-idah lessons next week at the same time. So do not allow the difficulty you encountered in the first lesson to dishearten you; rather we have a programme suitable for you next week In-Shaa-Allaah.

Finally: The purpose of these reminders is so that brothers and sisters are encouraged to learn and strengthen themselves until we meet our Lord.

May Allaah bless you all

brotherhood, knowledge