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[2] The Haal of Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadaani! [An expected guest of Luton and Brixton]

Announcement and Declaration

Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadaani (may Allaah guide him) said about himself:

أنا من المتأثرين بعلي حسن االحلبي ومشهور حسن آل سلمان

”I am from those influenced by Ali Hasan Al-Halabi and Mash-hoor Hasan Aala Salmaan.” [1]


Who is Ali Al-Halabi


 [1] Source:


An Arabic Refutation against the erroneous views of Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadaani

see link:

Therefore, be warned against Abdul-Malik Ar-Ramadaani because he has been invited by the obstinate UK followers and defenders of Al-Halabi and Al-Maribi at Brixton and Luton. In-Shaa-Allaah some beneficial points will be extracted from the Arabic refutation against Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadaani very soon. We ask Allaah for safety, steadfastness and truthfulness. Aameen

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