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They Restrict You to Two or Three Scholars! – [Is This a Laughable Obvious Hizbi Hoax or a Pathetic Hizbi Lie?!]

Ibn Abdi Rabbihi (rahimahullaah) said:

”Choosing speech is more difficult than authorship, and indeed it is said: The choice of a man (in speech) is in harmony with his intellect. [1]

Here are a few articles selected at random to show the fact that the Salafis utilise the works of the Salafi Scholars where needed in the subject matter being discussed.


Shaikh Uthaymeen


Shaikh Bin Baaz


Shaikh Fawzaan—takfir-of-the-raafidah.cfm


Shaikh Abdullah Ghudayyaan


Shaikh Abdul Muhsin


Shaikh Albaani


[1] Source: quoted by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Umar Saalim Baazmool in Manhajul Bahthi Al-Ilmiy Wa-Kitaabah Fee Uloom Ash-Sharee-ah: page: 17]