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Just a Thought or Perhaps a Reminder to Share Regarding WhatsApp Groups

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Indeed, some of the well-known doubt mongers and hizbiyyoon -after being refuted and exposed- go undercover in the WhatsApp groups. As we all know that in most cases WhatsApp groups have no borders because one can easily be added to a group regardless his (or her) location.

Firstly: Why should we waste our valuable time by accepting invitations from everyone who opens a group, rather we should be extremely selective. Groups with students of knowledge or responsible elders are very few; therefore we have to be extremely selective!

Secondly: It would be very naive of us if we just accept the invitation of anyone without being absolutely sure of his Aqeedah, Manhaj, affiliations and companionship. And even if such a person is of sound Aqeedah and Manhaj, then should we not still ask ourselves whether we have a need of joining such a group or whether it would not divert us from more important affairs in our lives.

Thirdly: We sometimes find that WhatsApp groups can provide a platform for every hidden doubt monger to voice his views, and then it takes a lot of time for another person to reply to those doubts. This further opens a door of prolonged argumentation and debate, which–regardless its praiseworthy intended goals- diverts us from more important affairs; or it leaves some in doubt, whom we cannot approach immediately in person to offer clarifications. Therefore, would it not be better that we adopt the principle ”Prevention is better than cure”; rather than either having to try and reach those who have already been affected or debating with those who sneak into those groups to propagate Shubuhaat.

Fourthly: Yes indeed, sometimes some of us do start groups for a genuine or important need, but would it not be better and safer that we consult a Salafi student in order to make sure that we will not be engaging in some time wasting, even though our intention is not to do so.

Finally: Why don’t we choose the safe alternative by opening a Telegram group, where people are reminder about lessons in the Masjid or important events in the community. This- InShaaAllaah- solves the problem as no one will be allowed to post anything other than the admin. I personally find that a lot of my time has been spared and spent on other more important things -family, reading, listening to Duroos of the Scholars and the Students, engaging in discussions on Masjid Admin affairs – rather than having to look at my phone numerous times during the day or evening. I suggest that you do speak to the students before joining or allowing people in these groups, lest your valuable time is squandered. And Allaah knows best.

Abu Faatimah (Abdullah Al-Gambi)

a thought to share, suggestion