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Jarh Wat Tadeel [A Reminder to The Prattler – (Stooge of the Hizbiyyoon at Markaz As’Sunnah -Allies of Greenlane and Jamiat Ahle Hadith UK in Stoke OnTrent)- Who Seeks Excuses For The Deviants of Ihyaa At-Turaath]

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Indeed, the prattler- stooge of the Hizbiyyoon at Markaz As’Sunnah- is grasping at straws and seeking for ways to justify his deviations and that of his companions at Markaz as’Sunnah. This necessitates that he will follow desires and further abandon sound principles. So he desperately presents the statements of praise for Ihyaa At-Turaath, whilst being wilfully oblivious of the fact that he only increases himself in misguidance. So here we present to the reader few issues about Jarh Wat-Tadeel (Criticism and Praise)…

The Correct Stance on the Differing of the Scholars Regarding Jarh and Tadeel –By Shaikh Ubaid

Shaikh Rabee on Those Who Utilise the raise of other scholars to reject evidences

Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool Clarifies Issues of Jarh Wat-Tadeel

A Rely to the Hizbiyyoon -Those Who hide behind the Mashaayikh

So after acquainting ourselves with the fact that the detailed criticism against Ihyaa At-Turaath takes precedence over the general praise they have received, the dishonesty of the stooge becomes apparent. Here are the statements of the scholars against Ihyaa At-Turaath in Arabic for the stooge. May Alaah guide him or protect us from his falsehood Aameen


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