KHUTBA: Tawheed | Rayaan Barker

In this Khutba Ustaadh Rayaan discusses Tawheed and the implications of Shirk.

Allah protects those that fear Him. And He guides those that He is pleased with. It is compulsory on every Muslim to understand and to apply the principles of Tawheed.

Remember, Allah did not create us to entertain and amuse ourselves. He created mankind and the jinn to worship Him alone.

Know that every command in the Quran to worship is a command to Tawheed.

Also, we should be aware of the dangers of Shirk, and we should master this topic and the different categories of Shirk.

Shirk spoils your worship, your actions, your good deeds and nullifies their rewards. And whoever dies upon major Shirk will be entered into the hell fire.

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