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Al-Nabahani’s Creed: Part 1 – The Atheistic Creed of the Jahmiyyah and the Creeds of the Mu’tazilah and Qadariyyah Are All Islamic Creeds Despite Their Mutual Contradiction


Taqi ud-Din an-Nabahani (1909-1977CE) is the founder of the group “Hizb ut-Tahrir“, the picture on the right – taken in his early years – indicates the traditional Azhari, Ash’ari early upbringing. He was an Ash’ari in aqidah (mixed with some of usool of the Mu’tazilah, Murji’ah and Qadariyyah). He is of Palestinian origin, coming from a Sufi family background. His maternal grandfather was Yusuf bin Ismaa’eel an-Nabahani, a fervent adherent of Tasawwuf and one who authored a book, “Shawaahid ul-Haqq fil-Istighaathah bi Sayyid il-Khalq“, arguing for the justification of seeking and calling upon the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) for rescue from calamity in those things in which only Allaah has power and ability. Given this family background (Ash’ari Sufi with Mu’tazili, Qadariyy usool) it is not surprising to see that in all the books of Taqi ud-Din an-Nabahani, the grandson, the discussion of Tawhid barely extends further than merely affirming Allaah’s existence and around nine or ten attributes (which is not the Tawhid that the Messengers came to establish)

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Who really was Taqi al-Din al-Nabahani?

Taqi al-Din al-Nabahani – a former Ba’thist Nationalist – set up a political party (Hizb al-Tahrir) whose objectives, methodologies and structures were strongly influenced by that background. He is one of numerous 20th century thinkers – amongst them Hasan al-Bannaa, Abu A’la Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb – who came under the influence of the prevailing secular ideologies of the time (the pursuit of “social justice” through revolutions) in formulating methodologies of reform amongst Muslims. Like Banna, Mawdudi and Qutb, al-Nabahani has a cult-like following across the world. He had a mixture of an Ash’ari, Mu’tazili belief indicating he was carrying that vile poison of ilm al-kalaam which played an instrumental role in splitting and dividing the Ummah from the second century of Islam onwards. The party cult of al-Nabahani employs secrecy and dissimulation in winning recruits for their cause and they have a very rigid, party structure (based around Communist type parties). Their interpretation of history (as in the true underlying reasons and causes behind the ascendancy and fall of nations) is taken from the same Marxist, Socialist, Communist discourse that centers around the flag and slogan of “social justice”. At the same time they completely ignore what is found in the Book and the Sunnah in relation to the explanation of these matters.

The picture of al-Nabahani to the right should give the reader a good idea of what type of Islam al-Nabahani himself was upon…..

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