AUDIO: Ramadhaan Course Lesson 01 | Rayaan Barker

This is first lesson from the Ramadhaan Course Series. In this lesson Ustaadh Rayaan introduces the course and reminds us of the importance of keeping our intentions sincere for the sake of Allah and ¬†ensuring that we take the steps that are required in order to please Allah Azza wa Jal. He remind us of the importance of knowledge and how it demands dedication and commitment. Ustaadh Rayaan in this lesson covers the definition of fasting, it’s pillar and virtues, the categories of fasting, the wisdom of fasting ¬†and much more.

KHUTBA: The Muslim Stance Between Hope, Fear And Repentance | Rayaan Barker

In this Khutba, Ustaadh Rayaan explains the importance of a Muslim’s stance towards hope, fear and repentance towards Allah Azza wa Jal. Hope, fear and repentance are to be carried out consecutively and not in isolation without one another. Some people only rely upon the hope of Allah and fall astray in this regard and likewise there are others that have the mentality that Allah Azza wa Jal will not forgive them, these false mentalities bring about failure within the Muslim. A must listen khutba!

KHUTBA: Do Not Be Deceived By The Life Of This World! | Rayaan Barker

The life of this world is a matter of moments whereas the life in the hereafter will remain forever. Many people are occupied in this Dunya making preparations as if this is where they will abide forever and have become neglectful of the our final abode. There is no comparison between this feeble Dunya that we are living in and the amazing, beautiful and everlasting Jannah that awaits the Muwahideen so which choice will you make?

KHUTBA: Ramadhaan Is Approaching, Have You Prepared For It? | Rayaan Barker

In this khutba, Ustaadh Rayaan reminds us of the approach of Ramadhaan and how the Salaf (The Pious Predecessors) were eager to meet it’s arrival with constant du’a, asking Allah to allow them witness it, to benefit from it and similarly to prepare for it mentally and physically. Ustaadh Rayaan gives an overview of the virtues of Ramadhaan and the key points a Muslim should be mindful of in order to benefit from Ramadhaan fully and likewise how to remain firm after it’s departure.

KHUTBA: The Reality of Easter in Light of al-Islaam | Rayaan Barker

In this excellent khutba, Ustaadh Rayaan discusses the importance for Muslims to abide by the regulations of al-Islaam regarding celebrations and covers the permissible and impermissible forms of them. The false assumptions regarding Jesus (‘Eesaa) alaihi salaam are clarified, as well as the origins of Easter itself including the ‘Easter Egg’, ‘Easter Rabbit’ and other Pagan roots pertaining to this celebration.

KHUTBA: Be Like The Salaf And Take Care Of Your Heart And Religion! – Rayaan Barker

Today’s Khutbah by Ustadh Rayan Barker, was a reflection upon the Salaf- Our Pious Predecessors- from The Sahaabah (Companions of the Prophet Salllahualayhiwasallam) and those after them.

The lecture gave us an insight into how the Salaf strove towards improving themselves in the religion. The reminder gives us chance to reflect on ourselves and our actions; and how we should protect and preserve our religion and our hearts.

KHUTBA: Know Allah in Times of Ease and He Will Know You in Times of Difficulty – Rayaan Barker

Know Allah during times of ease and He will know you in times of difficulty
Rayaan Barker (Hafithahullah)
Masjid al-Furqan

Take benefit from the Great Hadith of the 3 men that became trapped in a cave and the actions they devoted to Allah.

Know the greatest adversity and how to prepare for it


This Week’s Khutba: Protect Yourself and Your Families From the Evils of Extremism | Rayaan Barker

Friday Khutba from Masjid al-Furqan on the dangers of extremism and how to protect yourself and your family from extremism.

The evil actions of the khawarij, are from their desires and not from Islam, nor of the Prophet sallahualaywasallam, and Salaf (Pious Predecessors).

(Khawaarij = renegades, an ancient sect that split off the main body of Muslims. They are today succeeded by Al-Qaida, ISIS, al-shabaab and their likes)

Parents should be weary, and teach their children the correct Islamic Creed and Methodology, save them from extremism and chaos. They should bring the youth to the scholars, seek knowledge from its proper sources, not from those with deviated ideologies

Streamed LIVE on SunnahRadio at Masjid al-Furqan in Stoke-on-Trent on 24/3/17

Listen to Protect Yourselves and Your Families from Extremism by clicking the link below:

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