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Summarized Benefits from Shaikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan’s Clarification Regarding the Plots of Saudi’s Enemies [The Land of Tawheed]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

O slaves of Allaah! Be grateful for the blessings of Islaam. You (all) know—may Allaah protect you—that this country is established upon the creed of pure Islamic monotheism, sincerity in worshipping Allaah alone, enjoining good, forbidding evil, ruling by the share-ah and establishment of the prescribed punishments ordained by Allaah; so its state of security remains and stability continues, and it lives—as you know-in blessing, comfort, security and stability, whereas the other countries are in trials and confusion.

This country-and all praise be to Allaah—is in a state of security, stability, comfortable living and tranquillity, except that this stability is not pleasing to the enemies of this country. So they have not ceased in attempting to demolish its state of security.They attempt to do this, so that it becomes like other countries.

It (i.e. Saudi Arabia) occupies the center of the hearts of the Muslims. It is the Qiblah in their Salaah and it has a status in the Islamic world. So if it were to be destabilized—just as the enemies desire to destabilize the entire Islamic world—then who will establish the Hajj and Umrah; who will provide safety for the pilgrims whilst they seek to fulfill the rites of Hajj and Umrah, except this country with the Help of Allaah (Glorified and Exalted Be He).

The (social) structure of this country will be destabilized if its security is lost; then where will the Islamic world proceed to? And because of this the enemies of Islaam plot against this country day and night,–as you all know—sometimes through seeking to cause doubts about the creed and disseminating filthy views amongst the children of the Muslims in order to implant idleness, extremism, or taking up arms, or carrying explosives, or causing destruction; sometimes by way of corrupting the manners, disseminating forbidden affairs and forbidden desires amongst the Muslim youth, in order to corrupt their manners and deprive them of their religion with the claim of freedom of expression and other false statements.

What is freedom of expression? The freedom to express evil! Freedom of expression has to be within the confines of Islam, for indeed Allaah has freed mankind through Islaam. Allaah has freed mankind from idol worship, forbidden desires and despicable manners. This is the correct freedom; but as for what is in opposition to it of lowly desires, doubts and corrupt manners, this is the freedom of animals.

However, they want this in order to corrupt the Muslim youth—either through extremism and harshness or through laxity in their religion. They attempt this and that—either to corrupt the intellects of the Muslim youth with intoxicants, drugs, cigarettes, Qaat and other drugs and intoxicants or through fabrications (i.e. ideas, views etc). They want to do away with the Muslim youth because after Allaah’s (Glorified Be He) Support for the Muslim society, the society is built upon its youth- so they want to corrupt the Muslim youth through any means so that they are able to demolish this country. As you can see –from time to time–huge quantities of opium and other types of drugs are smuggled. As you can see this did not come from nothing; rather it came about as a bad plan against this country. They want to destroy it from every direction. Therefore, you should all be a singular hand with your rulers and those charged of your affairs in repelling this enmity and to be attentive of it…..


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