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Protection From The Hellfire, Blessed Life In The Dunya And A Life Of Light In The Grave – Al ‘Allamah Zaid ibn Haadee al-Madkhali (Rahimahullah)

Al-Allaamah Zaid Ibn Muhammad Al-Madhkali [May Allah have mercy on him] said:

“Preserve the prayer if you love yourself and want to be safe from the hellfire, which neither
spares [any sinner], nor does it leave [anything unburnt]!

And seek- [by way of the prayer]- a blessed life in the dunya; a life of light in the grave, and a life of bliss and eternity in paradise in presence of the Generous Lord [Allaah].”

Al Afnaan an-Nadiyah Sharh Mandhooma as-Subol as-Sawiyyah li-Fiqh as-Sunnah al-Mooriyyah 1/ 341

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