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[5] Demonstrations/Protests—A Few Reminders for the sensible person

Indeed those actions (i.e. demonstrations/protests) are alien to the Muslim society. They have been imported from the Yahood and Nasaaraa; rather they are from the concepts of the Zionist free masons, which the Zionists call to in their well-known evil scheming and with the intention of corrupting the relationship between the rulers and subjects in the lands of the Muslims.


[Abridged and slightly paraphrased. Source: القُطُوفُ الدَّوانِيُّ فِي سَرْحِ نُونِيَّة الْقَحْطَانِيِّ–

by Shaikh Saaleh As-Suhaymi (may Allaah preserve him) page333]

bidah, callers to misguidance, demonstrations, Innovation, protests, scholars, shaikh saaleh as-suhaymi