Khutba: Self Rectification

In this Khutbah Ustaadh Rayaan gives us a stark reminder that we need to remain steadfast, even after the month of Ramadhaan has passed.

We must realise that Ramadhaan has left but we are still here.

Do not make false hopes in yourself that something external will automatically change you, that it will make you good without any effort. Don’t be of those that are dragged along by the dunya.

Allaah has blessed us with a whole month where it is easy for us to change, for us to rectify ourselves, to sink in a firmly rooted intention. We should strive to make a plan of action of what to do after Ramadhaan.

Let us continue our good deeds after Ramadhaan and let us not let the passing of Ramadhaan cause the decrease of our deeds.

Let us protect ourselves from what takes us away from the good deeds and let us take the means to self rectification.

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